Expertise, Commitment and Passion - That's What You Can Get From Us!

At SIGAL SMS we work every day to provide all our sponsors and CROs with the best services and highly qualified study sites. Hence, your project becomes ours and therefore a joint success.

About us

  • Rakete
    Established in 2014

    Within the field of clinical trials we have more than 50 years of experience combined.

  • Team

    Our team comprises specialists in feasibility, project management, site management, contracting and recruiting.

  • Verknüpfung
    25 sites

    Established sites are part of our Germany-wide network.

  • Startseite Volltreffer
    Our goal

    Advancing outpatient clinical research throughout Germany.

  • Recherche
    Own patient database

    Doctors belonging to our network care for more than 688,000 people - from healthy to chronically ill.

  • Vor Ort
    More than 25 therapeutic areas

    Our sites mainly consist of doctors and owners of surgery of different therapeutic areas.

Arzt Dr. Hermann Braun

Why am I part of the SIGAL SMS network? The personal exchange with other study sites is very important to me. This allows us to support each other, learn from each other and develop further. For me, SIGAL SMS offers more than just a service. For me, it is a lively network.

Dr. med. Hermann Braun, expert on diabetes from Berlin

For Sponsors & CROs

From feasibility to close out - during the entire clinical trial we act as the central contact for sponsors and CROs, helping to find the appropriate site.

  • Checkliste
    Central Feasibility Management
  • Dokument unterzeichnen
    High-Level Contract Management
  • Geldmanagement
    Coordinated Budgeting
  • Patientensuche
    Target-Oriented Patient Recruiting
  • Vernetzung
    Professional Project Management
  • Auszeichnung
    Continous Quality Management

For Physicians and Study Sites

We provide support for established study sites to enhance their specific study operations. The aspirational target is a successful entry into the field of clinical trials. Therefore, rsident doctors will receive any support needed.

Clinical trials in your practice

We support doctors in private practice in setting up their own study centre for clinical trials. We support physicians in their search for qualified staff, training of employees, adequate equipment of the premises as well as in the optimal…

For Study Participants

Would you like to learn more about clinical trials or are you interested in participating? Our website offers valuable information to the most recent studies of our network partners. We will deliberately answer the most frequently asked questions.

Selected Indications

We bundle various study sites into specific specialist groups depending on the indication and offer these groups for the respective study request. Our study sites retain their specialist expertise and do not serve all indications, but are specialized in their field. We are able to cover a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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  • Kardiologie
  • Dermatologie
  • Diabetologie
  • Gastroenterologie
  • Stethoskop
    General Medicine
  • Onkologie
  • Pädiatrie
  • Schmerztherapie
    Pain Treatment
  • Pulmologie
  • Schlafmedizin
    Sleep Medicine

Strategic focus on vaccination

We place a special focus on recruiting and supporting vaccination trials and specialists through our network.

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Strategic focus on oncology

We place a special focus on recruiting and supporting oncology trials and specialists through our network.

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