A second mainstay for your practice

Your Own Site

Why owning a site pays off

Are you a doctor in private practice? Would you like to offer your patients early access to new therapy options? Set up your own site, and you'll derive a qualitative advantage for you and your patients:

  • You'll be actively involved in scientific progress,
  • You’ll stay up to date regarding research and medicine development,
  • You'll receive quick and direct access to new therapy options,
  • You’ll gain pre-access and experience in terms of innovative treatments,
  • You’ll build up a secure and independent second mainstay for your practice,
  • Your reputation will increase,
  • Your team will develop further, and therefore new perspectives and impulses can be given.

Set up your site by taking 3 steps

Startseite Volltreffer

Firstly, we jointly agree upon your ideas and goals, check premises, equipment, and personnel to proceed indication oriented.


Secondly, we create a forecast of possible and suitable studies. Furthermore, an investment plan will be set up and the requirement of personnel or training will be determined.


Once you decided to become a network partner, we start with the implementation: equipment acquisition, intermediation of staff, professional training for you and your staff. To round up, your centre will be introduced to sponsors and CROs.


How to become a network partner?

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