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Clinical Trials within a Specialist Practice

Before medication is certified in Germany, its efficacy must be proven within a clinical trial. More and more doctors implement trials and can thus offer patients innovative opportunities and further developed therapies.

We are specialized in supporting doctors during the process of implementing clinical trials. The unification of all doctors, being part of our SIGAL SMS network, entails mutual support and exchange of study-specific-information. Our experience supports network partners, making them concentrate on the most important thing - namely YOU as a patient!


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Would you like to learn more about clinical trials or are you interested in participating? Our website offers valuable clues to the most recent studies of our network partners. We will deliberately answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Therapeutic areas we serve

Currently, the SIGAL SMS network comprises approximately 30 independent and practicing specialists throughout Germany:

  • Diabetology

    Medical profession dealing with diabetes mellitus.

  • Pain

    Pain therapy includes all therapeutic measures causing a reduction of pain.

  • Sleep - Medicine

    Sleep medicine comprises research, classification and treatment of sleep disorder.

  • Pulmonology

    Pneumology is appendent to internal medicine, focussing on the detection and treatment of pulmonary diseases.

  • Paediatry

    Paediatrics deals with research, treatment and prevention of childhood and adolescent diseases.

  • Orthopaedy

    Orthopaedics investigates diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, the treatment of injuries as well as congenital disorders is included.

  • Cardiology

    Cardiology belongs to internal medicine, dealing with the structure and function of the heart. Treatment and early recognition of heart diseases are also essential components.

  • Oncology

    Oncology comprises the early recognition and treatment of tumour diseases.

  • Gynaecology

    Gynaecology is the medical specialty, dealing with the recognition, treatment and prevention of the female reproductive tract.

  • Gastroenterology

    Gastroentrology focuses on functional disorders and diseases of the digestive system.

  • Neurology

    Neurology covers the science and study of the nervous system, its diseases and their medical treatment.

  • Dermatology

    Dermatology is a segment of medicine dealing with the therapy and diagnosis of skin and skin appendages.

  • General Practice

    Basic care of all patients with physical and mental health disorders.

One of our goals is to provide patients and physicians with information about the opportunities clinical trials can offer, such as innovative therapy.

Do you have any questions about clinical trials? We will be pleased to answer them!

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