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We Build Bridges Between Clients and Sites

Practitioners with established sites. Own patient database with around 688,000 patients. Effective processes.

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As your central contact for the selection of sites we will provide you with an appropriate study site matching your study. All of them are highly qualified, professionally positioned and have an extensive knowledge in conducting clinical trials. Each process is centrally coordinated and effectively aligned with one another. This guarantees a fast, efficient and success-oriented implementation of each project.

How Do We Operate?

And What We'll Offer You

As a bridge between clients and the respective study site, we serve as your contact person number one from enquiry to final deduction. Among other duties, we'll take over communication with study sites and accompany throughout the entire process. Our principal object is a quick start of each study, a successful implementation and to meet all requirements.


  • Checkliste
    • Your number one contact person
    • We check the suitability of each site (capacity, equipment, trainings etc.)
    • Quick and well-founded feedback
    • Reliable
  • Geldmanagement
    • Well-founded budget calculation
    • Budget negotiation for network sites
    • We take over complete process of accounting and payment
    • High transparency and secure handling
  • Dokument unterzeichnen
    Contract Management
    • Central for all sites involved
    • MSA essential for necessary partners (e.g. radiologies, pharmacies)
  • Vernetzung
    Project Management
    • Responsible contact person
    • Continuous monitoring of agreed parameters
    • Regular exchange of information and proactive problem solving
    • Effective implementation
  • Patientensuche
    • Database of approximately 688,000 people within our network
    • Recruitment mainly from own patient database
    • Efficient recruitment support
  • Auszeichnung
    Quality Management
    • Defined standards
    • Established quality management
    • Regular examination and further development
    • Certified equipment and qualified staff

Why You Should Work with SIGAL SMS

Since our foundation in 2014 we collaborated successfully with various sponsors and CROs.

Today our network comprises around 25 professional sites covering miscellaneous indications and disciplines.

A prosperous recruitment of suitable patients is guaranteed due to a well-tended patient database of around 688,000 individuals and precisely tailored recruitment concepts.

The longstanding experience of our team makes effective processes and a fast implementation possible. Simultaneously, less effort for all parties involved, is necessary.


We support sponsors and CROs in conducting studies efficiently and smoothly.

24 Sites. 7 Indications. 1 Network.

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