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Digital Trial Management

The paper chase is a thing of the past!

You're probably familiar with it: coordinating ward rounds and staff, updating data banks and having documents down pat for spontaneous monitor queries. Stow your study folders and reach out for your tablet. Leave all the paperwork behind and start focussing on research and development.

The CTMS RealTime study software supports in the process of digitalization and adapts perfectly to your requirements. As a flexible tool it helps your site in conducting clinical trials no matter when and where.

Prepared for all challenges

Tested in practice and permanently further developed: The Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) RealTime was generated for sites and has proven itself in everyday practice. CTMS RealTime simplified study routines and made them more efficient and practical in all respects. Our network study teams, monitors and sponsors are quite enthusiastic about the software. 

A simple interface entails an overview of all study relevant data. Study-specific avtivities can be tracked and simultaneously integrated in the patient database. CTMS RealTime combines several IT systems and strives for an interface with ECRF which would prevent double-entry bookkeeping and error proneness. 

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Patient Database Management

Simple handling enables the use of various functions with a few clicks, such as:

  • sending messages to desired patients with one click
  • quick access to recruitment matrix and thus facilitating the completion of feasibility questionnaires
  • exporting excel lists for mailing or emailing (circular letter)

Patient Recruitment

A searchable patient database with complete medical history and search function facilitates and improves successful patient recruitment. Your patient recruitment becomes more organized due to contact management, status tracking and automatic scheduling.


Calendar Function

Scheduling and communication is simplified with the aid of improved planning of ward rounds and adherence of time slots. The display of calenders can be set individually or group-specific (e.g. investigators or complete team). Investigator group members can be invited for individual appointment participation.

Task Management

Permanent access to upcoming and overdue ward rounds as well as recruitment activities is guaranteed. Reminder on tracking patient related information can also be ensured. 



Pre-screening logs for sponsors can be easily created. There's an option for the comparison of financial data of study coordinators, investigators or the entire study site. Keep track of recruitment budget and the success of your recruitment measures at all time. The time-consuming completion of spreadsheets is therefore considered a thing of the past. 


Budgeting & Accounting

Due to integrated financial statements, a comprehensive overview of top lines, costs and profitability (per study) can be deployed. Additionally, invoicing to sponsors for complete ward rounds or other study costs is possible. 


Upload Study Documents

CTMS RealTime is the only study software with a fully integrated PETT system (Professional Education and Training Tracking System), which allows documents to be clearly organized and easily updated or renewed. Patient- and ward round-specific documents can simply be saved.

Secure High Standard Hosting

Professional data centres in Germany back up data and are HIPAA compliant. Tracking and qualification verification of user logins also maximize data integrity. Additionally, data backup at multiple server locations ensures your business continuity.

Successful acquisition of studies. Proven patient recruitment. Less administrative effort.

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