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We Help Heal!

The implementation of clinical trials has become increasingly complex, extensive, and challenging. For this reason, study sites require constant optimization. Ever since the foundation of SIGAL SMS in 2014, the aim of our company has been to assist doctors in successfully building up their sites. Today, our network comprises approximately 30 sites, specialized on different therapeutic areas, throughout Germany.

Some Fun Facts about TEAM SIGAL

  • Icon Kommunikation
    Collectively we speak 8 languages.
  • Der häufigste Buchstabe unserer Vornahmen ist... A
    The letter A is the most prevalent in our first names.
  • Veranstaltungen
    Most of our colleagues have their birthdays in January.
  • Fahrradfahren
    We hiked, canoed and cooked together.
  • Bei Sigal SMS sind sich alle einig, den Kaffee trinken wir mit Koffein!
    When it comes to coffee, (almost) everyone agrees: the main thing is that it is not decaffeinated.
  • Veranstaltungen, Gedeihen
    In the office, we take care of 33 plants. With tendency to rise and fall.
Foto Helena Sigal

„Our goal is a continuous improvement of professionalism in the process of implementing clinical trials in Germany. Therefore, new sites are facilitated to establish themselves. Existing ones are successfully supported in the further development of their study sites. Our network consistent of medical specialists combine innovative medicine and the interest in scientific progress – for sustainable health and new therapy options.“

Helena Sigal, MD und Geschäftsführerin

Who are the people behind SIGAL SMS?

We are a team comprising a wide variety of professional backgrounds. There's one thing we have in common - our passion to heal!



Our managers

Mrs. Helena Sigal

Managing Director

Mr. Torsten Grobe

Commercial Director

Ms. Thirza Höfer

Legal & Tax Advisor

Mrs. Anja Paulmann

Head of Marketing & Patient Outreach

Mrs. Jane Restorick

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Rahul Sharma

Contracting Manager

Mrs. Dr. Denise Wende

Head of Clinical Operations

That's Us

We provide support for established sites to enhance their specific study operations. The aspirational target is a successful entry into the field of clinical trials. Therefore, doctors will receive any support needed.

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For Sponsors & CROs

From feasibility to close out - during the entire clinical trial we act as the central contact for sponsors and CROs, helping to find the appropriate site.

Zahnarzt und Mitarbeiterin in der Praxis

For Physicians and Sites

From the initial inquiry to the completion of the study, we will guide you to ensure a successful, high-quality, and timely execution.

Our Values

Our passion is to develop new therapy options for patients in collaboration with doctors, research-based pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Thereby, we aim to advance medical progress and innovation.

  • Stern
    Patients Have Top Priority
  • Zusammenhalt
    Teamwork & Network
  • Zusammenpassen
  • Idee
    Digital and Creative Change
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  • Unsere Werte

Our Partnerships

Clinical research requires innovative therapy options as standardized solution patterns are often not effective. It is therefore imperative to develop individual concepts and cooperate with various partners.

Since the development of SIGAL SMS, we have cultivated partnerships and participated in initiatives. This enabled us to shape developments, expand our knowledge and extend our services.

Coliquio GmbH

With coliquio as a cooperation partner,
we are expanding our network and
providing information about clinical
studies with physicians in private practice.

CTMS RealTime

CTMS RealTime was specifically developed for study sites to map their study processes.



We promote the nationwide network of specialized and innovative oncologists and dermatologists.


As a member of SCRS, we want to advance the professionalization of clinical trials in Germany.

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