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Three words for medical progress. With this initiative, we are about supporting progress, curing diseases or at least making them more bearable. We educate about what it's really like.

Clinical research often has a bad reputation - but quite wrongly!

Helena Sigal, clinical investigator & founder of the SIGAL SMS network

Why are clinical trials important?

Discovery and progress through clinical trials

Clinical trials are at the heart of medical advancements. They play a crucial role in the discovery of new treatments, drugs and therapies. They provide a structured framework to test the efficacy and safety of medical innovations. Through collaboration between physicians, researchers and volunteers, they open up important opportunities:

  1. Evidence-based findings: Clinical trials provide objective data that form the basis for medical decisions. Physicians can make informed recommendations and patients benefit from treatments based on actual outcomes.
  2. Innovation and progress: New cures can only be developed through testing in clinical trials. This research paves the way for breakthrough therapies that can improve disease courses and save lives.
  3. Personalized medicine: Clinical trials make it possible to tailor treatments to individual needs. By understanding genetic variations, more targeted and effective approaches can be developed.
  4. Safety and side effects: Before being launched on the market, drugs are tested for safety. Clinical trials identify potential risks and side effects to ensure patient safety.
  5. Global health improvement: Data can be collected from different populations through international studies. This promotes a better understanding of diseases and strengthens healthcare systems worldwide.

Clinical trials are key to medical progress. They shape the future of healthcare by providing evidence-based insights, driving innovation and paving individual treatment pathways.

What we do

We help research

We are pleased to be a part of medical progress and to contribute to the fact that it is possible to successfully treat many diseases today. Clinical studies are an important and responsible part of medical development. In our network, we support physicians in private practice in setting up their own study center and in conducting clinical studies alongside their practice.

With the initiative "Research helps to heal" we want to educate physicians, medical professionals as well as patients and those affected about clinical studies. We are actively committed to combating the overregulation of Germany as a research location and the associated unattractiveness.

  • Supporting progress to cure diseases or make them more bearable

  • Together linking research, helping and healing with positive messages

  • Counteract overregulation, as it makes Germany increasingly unattractive as a research location

  • Making problems clear to authorities and doctors' representatives and naming consequences

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