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Your network for professional studies

Successful acquisition of studies. Proven patient recruitment. Less administrative effort.

How can we support you?

You manage a medical practice and seem to be interested in clinical trials or did you already establish your own site, looking for a partner to assist in conducting clinical trials?

Or are you just curious?

According to experience, recent studies tend to be more complex, extensive and ambitious that's why sites demand steady improvement. Together with our network daily challenges such as finding qualified personnel, the preparation and postprocessing of documents concerning studies and the representation towards sponsors are solved.


What can we do for you?

  • Sigal SMS optimiert alle Prozesse mit dem Prozessmanagement
    Process Management

    All relevant processes are managed and optimized by us

  • digitales Studienmanagement
    Digital Management of Studies

    Digital systems allows more time for patients

  • Sigal SMS bietet feasibility und Machbarkeit für klinische Studien

    Choose adequate studies and convince as a site

  • Sigal SMS übernimmt Vertragsverhandlungen bei klinischen Studien
    Contract Negotiations

    Best possible conditions will be parleyed with sponsors

  • Sigal SMS unterstützt bei der Kalkulation und Budgetverhandlung für klinische Studien
    Calculation & Budget Negotiations

    Budget negotiations with sponsors and calculation of study costs are part of our job

  • Sigal SMS rekrutiert erfolgreich für klinische Studien
    Successful Recruitment

    Long lasting experience enables us to find study participants quick and cost-efficient

  • Studienakquise
    Aquisition of Studies

    We work with leading sponsors & CROs in almost all therapeutic areas and thus receive around 120 study requests per year

  • Sigal SMS führt mit professionellem Projektmanagement klinische Studien zum Erfolg
    Project Management

    From negotiation to evaluation, we take responsibility

  • Sigal SMS sorgt für kontinuierliche Qualitätssicherung
    Quality Management

    Consistent quality and compliance is ensured under all regulations

  • Sigal SMS bietet Schulungen und Trainings für die Mitarbeiter
    Professional Training

    We offer regular trainings for our sites

  • Sigal SMS hat eine zentrale Abrechnung für reibungslose und pünktliche Zahlungen
    Central Payoff

    For our partners accounting is constructed central, clear and transparent

  • Bei Sigal SMS sind alle Kolleginnen und Kollegen gut miteinander vernetzt und hilfsbereit
    Networking with Colleagues

    Networking among our sites guarantees benefits for each other

Successful acquisition of studies. Proven patient recruitment. Less administrative effort.

How can we support you?

Warum SIGAL SMS überlebenswichtig für unser Studienzentrum ist

SIGAL SMS is essential and indispensable for our site as they assist from feasibility to close-out. We can be certain, that the best conditions for each study will be guaranteed. Most importantly, we benefit from the direct contact and personal exchange, all together with the site network. 

Miriam Noel, Site Manager at SIBAmed

For physicians and sites

We provide support for established sites to enhance their specific study operations. The aspirational target is a successful entry into the field of clinical trials. Therefore, registered doctors will receive any support needed.

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Establish a Site

We advise and assist in setting up your own study centre.

Digital Study Management

More time for patients through digital study management!

How do you become a network partner?

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