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Focus on oncology

Research that gives hope

It is a win-win situation when oncology practices participate in clinical trials. Patients get the opportunity to learn about innovative treatments that are already being tested but have not yet been approved. Doctors gain knowledge about treatments and procedures that are at the latest status of research. CROs and sponsors benefit from a faster start of trials and higher patient retention due to the growing patient base of practising oncologists.


Our vision

Together with the specialists in our network and the research-based pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we want to develop new therapies, support patients in the long term and promote medical progress and innovations. 

In the course of our oncology strategy, we are particularly committed to establishing oncology studies among specialists in private practice. The following study centres are already active in our network:


Study site Halle
  • Gastroenterology and oncology practice
  • 15 years of study experience
  • About 35 studies completed
Study site Holstein
  • Oncology focus practice
  • 22 years of study experience
  • Non-interventional studies, participation in register projects as well as phase II and phase III studies
Study site Leipzig
  • Gastroenterology practice
  • 25 years of study experience
  • Over 70 studies completed
Study site Magdeburg
  • Dermatology practice
  • 15 years of study experience
  • About 30 studies completed
Study site Mainz
  • Practice for dermatology, allergology, oncology
  • 18 years of study experience
  • Over 50 studies completed
  • Highly recruiting vaccination studies
Study site Stuttgart
  • Practice for dermatology, neurology, oncology
  • 12 years of study experience
  • Over 40 studies completed
  • Highly recruiting vaccination studies

Our Oncology Strategy Board

We have taken the initiative and intensified outpatient study implementation in the field of oncology in order to make new therapy options available for as many patients as possible. Together with our Oncology Strategy Board, we want to sustainably promote outpatient oncology trials in Germany. Our Oncology Strategy Board Meeting enables us to regularly exchange experiences between all colleagues, specialists and experts from the field of clinical research and industry. 

You can find out what we have already achieved in the news section.

Here you will find an overview of the members of the Oncology Strategy Board with brief information on their medical expertise and career.

Your practice as an oncology study site

Are you a specialist in the field of oncology?

Do you want to offer patients in your practice access to new treatment options with the help of innovative therapies?

Do you want to further expand your expertise by participating in clinical trials?

However, your current practice operations are already filling you up and you are concerned that your own time and human resources are not sufficient for this step?

We accompany and support you in your entry into clinical research or the professionalisation of your study site.

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