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Senior Management
Helena Sigal
+49 (0)341 962 800-16
Helena Sigal MD, Founder and Owner

Tel: +49 (0)341 962 800-16

E-Mail: helena@sigal-sms.de

Helena began her career in the world of clinical research in 2004, as a study physician at the ClinPharm study site in Chemnitz.

The world of clinical research fascinated her from the very beginning. Having the ability to offer more to patients, even in cases of despair, gave her the motivation to continue working and developing herself, her skills and her experience in this area.

In 2008, she took over the position of Director Clinical Operations at the German SMO ClinPharm International GmbH with exclusively dedicated research centres. She was responsible for the clinical processes in eight study sites in Germany and also actively participated in the establishment of new study sites abroad.

After the sale of the German company to the English company Synexus LTD in 2010, she took over the management of the German branch as Director of Operations. She was responsible for about 70 employees. Her new responsibilities included corporate management, human resources, finances and budgeting. She reported directly to senior executives in the UK, where she gained a lot of experience in international management. These tasks expanded her the extensive clinical, study and operative knowledge.

Since May 2014, she has been the founder and managing director of SIGAL SMS.
Thirza Höfer
0341 9628000
Thirza Höfer Legal & Tax Advisor

Tel: 0341 9628000

E-Mail: thirza.hoefer@sigal-sms.de

After studying law at the University of Freiburg/Breisgau and passing the Second State Examination in Stuttgart in 2003, Thirza Höfer was a partner in a tax consulting firm in Baden-Württemberg. In 2009, she passed the tax consultant examination in Dresden and has since been a partner in the law firm Haug & Höfer, since 2015 as managing partner. She advises Sigal SMS with her main focus on tax and business management advice to companies, assistance with company acquisitions/sales, restructuring under company law, company succession and representation before the tax courts.

Jane Restorick
0341 9628000
Jane Restorick Advisory Board Member

Tel: 0341 9628000

E-Mail: jane.restorick@sigal-sms.de

Jane Restorick is a recognized expert in site management, patient recruitment and clinical research operations. As a Non-Executive Manager, she is part of our Advisory Board advising Sigal SMS on business development. Prior to moving into consultancy, Jane was COO and Chief Patient Officer at Synexus Clinical Research, driving its growth from a UK based SMO to become a successful international operation across 11 countries. Previously she formed and led Operations and Quality Management teams at a virtual biopharma (Vanguard Medica) and at Fujisawa Early Clinical Evaluation Unit.

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