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We - SIGAL SMS (SIGAL Site Management & Support) - are a Site Management Organization (SMO), which specializes in supporting the development, establishment and optimization of established physicians and outpatient practices, nationwide in Germany, on their way to become a professional study site.

With our extensive experience in the field of clinical drug research, we know about the problems and difficulties faced by investigators and study teams as well as contractors - sponsors and CROs - every day in clinical trials. Based on this, we developed a concept and founded SIGAL SMS in 2014, in order to master these challenges together with you as a reliable and competent partner.

The requirements on the route to the establishment and professionalization of a study site are individual, as is our support to you. SIGAL SMS stands for a dedicated and solution-oriented team, which assists you with a high level of expertise, creativity and reliability in the successful implementation of your company goals.

Today, after more than 4 years since our foundation, we can look at a strong network of 30 established and professional study sites of various indications with a large number of patients. The sites encourage us in our „professional at the Site level“ philosophy to standardize the modern clinical trials and bring it together to an internationally recognized level.

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