Why we care

In the near future we hope that German physicians and patients will have more opportunities to become part of one of our studies.

About Us

We see ourselves as a bridge between study sites and sponsors: For both sides we´re offering a network of established study centers, that meets the requirements for the modern conduct of clinical trials. We also ensure the certainty that the studies will be conducted with the expected quality, in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition we support established physicians on the way to professionalizing their study center.

Our Network

We´re now managing a strong network of more than 30 established and professional study sites, which include a wide range of indications with a patient population of approximately 688.000.

Our Support

With many years of experience in the field of clinical drug research, we are aware of the problems and difficulties that investigators and study teams as well as clients - sponsors and CROs - face every day in the conduct of clinical trials. Our support for you is as individual as your needs are.

Our Story

In may 2014, Helena Sigal decided to share her knowledge and expertise with private physicians conducting studies in Germany in their own practices. Because of their high professional qualification and their long-term relationship with patients, physicians in private practice have enormous potential to conduct clinical studies at the highest level in terms of quality and quantity. However, they need the professional support for the organization of the study centers and their continuity in assignments. The idea was born and after the first positive discussions with some colleagues, the time had come - our network was born!

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