Sites within the SIGAL SMS Network

Experienced study teams. Own patients. Established processes.

SIGAL SMS is a network comprising approximately 30 study sites throughout Germany. Doctors in private practices, owners of practices and specialists in a specific or various indications constitute the majority of our network. Alongside their practice, all phyisicians decided to conduct clinical trials, which enables us to quickly take decisions in terms of professional, organizational and economical aspects.

All our SIGAL SMS sites are professionally positioned and exhibit years of experience in conducting clinical trials. They serve around 688,000 patients, which forms the basis for successful patient recruitment.

Our study sites are supported intramural as well as study-independent and are certified for conducting virtual studies. Many of them already work with the study management system CTMS, offering eSource.

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Our Sites at a Glance

Dermatological practice, Magdeburg
  • Dermatology
  • 15 years of study experience 
  • xx randomizations in 2021
Diabetical Practice

  • Diabetology
  • 12 years of study experience
  • 1 principal investigator
  • xx randomizations in 2021
SIBAmed Site
  • Independent Study Centre
  • Indications...
  • 8 years of study experience
  • 2 investigators
  • xx randomizations in 2021
Cardiological-Angiological Practice Association

  • Cardiology, Angiology, Diabetology
  • 8 years of study experience
  • 2 study physicians
  • xx randomizations in 2021

Registered doctors with established sites. Own Patient Database with approximately 688,000 patients. Effective processes.

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Selected Indications

  • Cardiology

    2 study sites

  • Dermatology

    3 study sites

  • Diabetology

    5 study sites

  • Gastroenterology

    2 study sites

  • General Medicine

    5 study sites

  • Neurology

    1 study site

  • Oncology

    2 study sites

  • Orthopaedics

    1 study site

  • Pulmonology

    4 study sites

All sites are grouped depending on their respective indication which guarantees a fast and efficient processing of enquiries. Each indication is represented by an elected Lead PI, providing us with technical evaluation in the assessment process. It enables us to quickly get back to our clients and sites. Our sites retain professional expertise and do not serve all indications, but are highly specialized within their area of expertise.

Mrs. Helena Sigal

Managing Director

Mrs. Bärbel Siebert

Site Operations Manager

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