News from 14. Juni 2021

Review 2nd Oncology Advisory Board Meeting


How can sponsors and CROs be convinced to cooperate with oncology practices in the conduct of clinical trials? Which requirements do oncology centers have to fulfill in order to be involved in clinical trials? Where does Germany rank within the international trial competition?

These and other questions were discussed at the 2nd Oncology Advisory Board Meeting of Sigal SMS on May 28, 2021. Representatives from Pfizer and Syneos Health as well as experts from the field of oncology attended the hybrid event.

​Considerable  Requirements for sites rewarded by high demand

The requirements for oncology sites to participate in trials are substantial. In addition to the appropriate expertise and suitable patients, radiology and pathology are also usually required, as well as a pharmacy for IP manufacturing. Good collaboration between all these partners is essential. However, sites that meet these framework conditions are then in high demand when it comes to conducting studies and can thus also benefit themselves from the latest therapeutic approaches for their patients.

The decision whether to award a study to Germany depends on various factors. In addition to availability and past performance, process and data management as well as a sufficient patient base play a key role. Medical centers can actively support the decision-making process by optimizing their own visibility and participating, for example, in a network such as that of Sigal SMS. 


The participants of the Oncology Advisory Board agreed that in the field of oncology studies, oncology practices can and should play an important role alongside hospitals. This is because they care for a large number of newly diagnosed patients each year, maintain close relationships with their patients, and are experts in the relevant therapeutic area.

Redefining the oncology study environment and better positioning Germany in this field is the declared goal of the Oncology Advisory Board. A combination of clinics and practices is advantageous in this regard.

To further this goal, the focus of the participants will be to publicize the advantages of outpatient oncology centers in study conduct and to further expand the existing network.

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