He prefers reading IT manuals to the next bestseller - our study software coordinator Meinolf Gödde.

Since 2021, he has been the main person responsible for the introduction of CTMS RealTime in the entire SIGAL SMS network. Because of his experience as a study coordinator, practically implementable suggestions are therefore incorporated into the changeover processes.

In the following, Meinolf Gödde answers the most frequently asked questions about study software.

How did you become a study software coordinator?

"As an IT-savvy study coordinator at the SIBAmed network site, I introduced an electronic study management system with center manager Miriam Noel back in 2017. After this quickly reached its limits and no longer met our day-to-day study requirements, I took over the introduction of the CTMS RealTime tool in 2019."

What´s your motivation in implementing CTMS?

"As a driver of digitization, my goal is to equip all our network study centers with study software in order to be able to ensure steadily increasing study quality in Germany. This implements a requirement of ICH-GCP, which demands that systems be introduced to ensure quality in every area of clinical trials. We support our study centers both in the implementation and in the integration of the software into their practice operations. As SMO and bridge between the sponsors/CROs and the study centers, we also get simplified access to the study data of our network sites.This ensures improved communication among each other."

What benefits of the study software do your network study centers report?

"After the transition of the processes of the daily study routine has been overcome, our study centers benefit from many features:

  • Organization & coverage of all phases of a clinical trial
  • Overview of (potential) studies at any time at any place
  • Tracking of patient recruitment before/during/after study inclusion
  • Saving of time, paper and costs through structural support
  • Reminder function for medical device certificates
  • Simplification of scheduling and communication
  • Integrated financial statement
  • Tracking & evaluation of demand for innovative therapeutic approaches and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Simplified communication between centers and SMO (such as SIGAL SMS).
  • And many more."

Is it possible to test CTMS RealTime for free?

"Yes, definitely! We offer a free demo version, which is accompanied by me. Interested parties are welcome to contact me to find a common date."

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Meinolf Gödde
+49 (0)341 962 800-23
Meinolf Gödde Clinical Trial Management System Coordinator

Tel: +49 (0)341 962 800-23

E-Mail: meinolf.goedde@sigal-sms.de