Worldwide, the development of a novel COVID-19 treatment or vaccines is of utmost importance.

Tapping into a Site Network who is well equipped to support your clinical development can help you to meet this challenge – with QUALITY, SPEED & EFFICIENCY.

As professional Site network, SIGAL SMS is consisting of 25 private practices with aligned study centres across Germany, covering almost all therapeutic areas and with access to more than 550,000 patients.



  • is specialized in fast starts of studies
  • centralized process management enables a quick start of you study
  • supports you during the complete study – from administration process up to patient retention
  • Long-term experience in clinical trials – sowohl in Impf- als auch in Behandlungsstudien und short-term studies
  • has competency in blinded / unblinded teams
  • large patient database covers patients of each age group - from 0-100 years & from generally healthy up to chronically ill
  • guarantees high volumes in recruiting of the patients


SIGAL SMS SITES are ready for the digital future…

SIGAL SMS Network responded to the constantly changing circumstances during COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to maximize the efforts of trials while minimizing personal interaction, our sites prepared for virtual and hybrid trials – for ongoing and upcoming studies equally.
Our modern sites support you in your clinical trials also during Lockdown and Social Distancing.


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You are looking for a professional partner who will support your approach in fast conduction of your clinical trial in Germany? You are interested in our capabilities and how we can support you in conducting your clinical trials in Germany in the most efficient way?

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We look forward to fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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