Are you looking for study sites or a partner to support in conducting clinical trials within Germany? Sites associated with the SIGAL SMS network are prepared for the implementation of COVID-19 trials – quality, efficiency and rapidity support sponsors and CROs worldwide to advance the research of COVID-19.

Throughout Germany, SIGAL SMS consists of 25 private practices with corresponding study sites. Almost all therapeutic areas are covered and access granted to more than 665,000 patients.


  • Our Centres command long-lasting experience in conductig clinical trials within the field of vaccination and treatment trials
  • We are specialized on trials with short recruitment time
  • Our centralized process management asissts in securing a quick start of trials
  • SIGAL SMS represents a site management organization and is therefore specialized on supporting you throughout the entire study – from previous administration, start-up, to recruitment and successful close-out
  • In terms of personnel and organization, our study centres are strongly positioned for implementing trials with blinded and unblinded teams
  • Our patient database incorporates patients of all ages – from 0 to 100 years (and from healthy to chronically ill)

SIGAL SMS study centres can see themselves as armed for the digital future of clinial research...

The COVID-19-pandemic was accompanied by drastic changes due to the lockdown. One of the major consequence is social distancing, which also affected our network and study centres. As a network, we have successfully faced these challenges: According to COVID-19 recommendations, study rounds and safety precuations at our centres have been adjusted. This should maximize the success of studies and simultaneously minimize face-to-face interactions to shelter participants and patients.

Furthermore, our study centres are quipped in a way that study visits can be conducted virtually. The staff is adequately skilled using virtual and hybrid study centres. Therefore, you will be able to conduct your clinical trials even during lockdown and social distancing.

Are you looking for a professional partner to assist you in conducting short-term COVID-19 trials within Germany? Are you interested in our network and possbilities to conduct an efficient study?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team.

We are looking forward to fight the coronavirus and stem the global COVID-19 pandemic, in collaboration with you.


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