A second mainstay for your practice

You are a local doctor and you are looking for options to establish a second mainstay for your own practice?

What could be more interesting than a participation in the development of new medicals or supporting innovative therapeutic options and finally helping your patients at an early stage to get in contact with new therapies?

If you decide to establish your own study site, you and your patients will benefit in many ways:

  • You become actively involved in the scientific progress and you stay up-to-date with the research and development of new drugs and medical equipment.
  • You get immediate and quick access to new therapies for your patients.
  • You may gain experience with new treatment methods even before they are established on the market.
  • You build up a secure, fund-independent basis for your practice.
  • Your reputation increases with patients and colleagues.
  • Your practice team continues to develop and you offer your colleagues and tema new perspectives and impulses.


You are wondering how this could be possible and a realistic approach? How SIGAL SMS could you support in your way to become a site specialized in clinical trials?

As Newcomer, it is not easy to enter the world of clinical research. The stringent demands for study centres and the common way of the industry to select sites they already know and which already gained experience as well as a high reputation are additional factors that influence the success in the establishment of a study centre.

On the other hand, Sponsors and CROs are interested in new sites with new patients in order spread their risks and to ensure quality and efficiency of their studies. And they search for new physicians that are interested in the area of clinical trials. For Sponsors and CROs it is important that new sites meet the specific requirements and that the quality requested is assured from the beginning.



The SIGAL SMS network cooperates with leading sponsors / CROs worldwide for studies in almost all therapeutic areas. Our sites benefit from this collaboration by more regular feasibility requests.

Approximately 120 Studies are sent to our sites yearly. 


Become part of our network and benefit from our experience.

Our young, qualified and experienced team supports you on your way to become a well-qualified study centre. We are at your side in an advisory capacity, from the first contact with us.

We  support you at each stage of your project.

3 STEPS to ESTABLISH your Professional SITE



  • With your active participation in the worldwide scientific progress
  • From a faster access to innovative therapy options
  • From a higher level of awareness and image among your colleagues and your patients
  • From a second mainstay for your practice



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Bärbel Siebert Site Network Specialist

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