Increase the presence of your site.
With the right network.

SIGAL SMS is your strong partner who fully supports your entry into the clinical  research or during the process of professionalization your site.

SIGAL SMS is your direct contact to establish your site and to increase your network.  

With us you will get personalized and individual support int the area of

  • study acquisition,
  • patient recruitment as well
  • Contract and budget negotiations.




Sponsors & CROs usually rely on well-known sites when selecting their participating study centres, which means that smaller sites are often overlooked, even if they can offer the relevant expertise and suitable study patients.


A Membership in the SIGAL SMS network enables you to

  • to expand your presence and awareness in the market,
  • to strengthen your position and
  • to get a faster access to the studies that are of your interest.


SIGAL SMS collaborates with leading Sponsors & CROs in almost all therapeutic areas.

As a study site, you benefit from more study inquiries.

Studies acquisition

Sponsor/CROs send study requests to SIGAL SMS.

Site Matching

Our professional Feasibility Team matches incoming study requests with our network sites. Sites are picked based on area-of-interest, PI experience and patient population.


Feasibilities can be tricky. Our Feasibility Team completes the feasibility questionnaire with you by incorporating your sites‘ strengths thus resulting in more study awards.

Pre-Study Visit

SIGAL SMS acts as main point of contact for the proposed sites. In a timely manner our Site Network Specialists organize and coordinate the pre-study visits (PSVs) for our sites.

Contract Negotiation

SIGAL SMS takes over the contract and budget negotiations with the sponsor/CRO. This has a positive impact on the start-up, saving time and costs for all parties involved.

Recruitment Strategy

A recruitment strategy for the study or for each individual site is developed by our Recruitment Specialist. This is revised throughout the trial as needed.


A Project Manager is appointed to each project at SIGAL SMS. They act as the single point of contact for sponsors/CROs and sites to ensure a timely start-up, which can often be a source of headache.

Project Management

The Project Manager helps in the proactive identification and resolution of operational issues, and enables the smooth running of the clinical trial. Monthly calls with the sponsor/CRO help ensure that any issues arising from the sponsor/CRO or the site are communicated immadiately.


Billing with the sponsor/CRO takes place centrally at SIGAL SMS. Invoicing for the individual visits, for example, is not required by the site.

Your contact

Bärbel Siebert
+49 (0) 151 16 74 72 03
Bärbel Siebert Site Network Specialist

Tel: +49 (0) 151 16 74 72 03